Catherine Hayday

The game programming, content, art and design lead, Catherine, used to work as an independent private sector consultant — taking raw objects, spaces, and ideas, and making them better.

In her previous life, Catherine reviewed cupcakes, hotels and spas; assessed AI and robotics technologies; designed UI and did voiceover work for infectious control tracking software; made piles and piles of newsletters, videos and websites look pretty and work well; orchestrated international hackathons; and did a mashup of lots of other things that don’t usually appear in the same run-on sentence.

Catherine is now very proud to work full-time as a maker. The list of subjects Catherine is not interested in is pretty tiny. So when she’s not teaching workshops or developing Maker’s Dozen products, you can usually find her at a someone else’s workshop trying out a new craft, following animal tracks in the woods, or otherwise juggling eleventy projects at once.

Neil Gower

Our technical lead, game expert, and resident rabbit-hole researcher, Neil, is also the principal consultant at Vertex Blast, a software services company for the entertainment industry.

Whenever he’s escaped from behind his computer, you can find Neil walking the woods, checking on the chickens, honing one of his non-digital crafts, and being a rock and sober sounding board to Catherine’s experiments. He is infinitely more creative than people expect of a mild-mannered programmer, and his creative feedback is pure gold (according to Catherine). He also makes a mean fermented pickle.